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If I am selected for verification for FAFSA and am unable to submit the documents needed to complete the verification process, how will that affect me?

I was selected for verification but am having difficulty ordering the necessary tax return transcript needed for the verification process for one of the schools I applied to and have tried all avenues (calling, ordering online, going in person to local IRS office) to request the document but have been unable to get the document. #fafsa #financialaid

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2 answers

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Jill’s Answer

Are you talking about your own 2017 tax return or your parents? Either way you can fill out the 2016 FAFSA if you filed then. If you filled out your FAFSA before the filing deadline for 2017, you should be using that tax information any way. If your or your parents filed for your 2016 taxes last year, you should be able to link to your tax filing on the FAFSA website. FAFSA is difficult to use and not very user friendly, but I would try that first. Be sure to keep all your log ins and FSA ID and verified email in your phone or college portfolio to avoid making more than one FAFSA account.

Jill recommends the following next steps:

Log on to FAFSA.
Choose the option to have your 2016 tax data electronically transferred. If that doesn't work, you will need a copy.
Go to IRS.gov and order a copy of your 2016 filing or you can request one in writing to the address given for your state.
The copy should arrive in a short time, usually 7-10 days.
Use the information on the copy to update your FAFSA and send a copy to the school requesting verification. Keep your copy in your portfolio.

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Lauren’s Answer

I would suggest that you meet with your financial aid advisor to explain the difficulty that you are having. Ask them if you are able to submit a signed copy of the actual tax return that you submitted instead of the IRS tax return transcript.