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Sandra S. Jul 19, 2016 1329 views

What are some pros and cons of teaching at a private school versus a public school?

I am interested in personal opinions on the benefits or shortcomings of each potential workplace. #teaching #education #private-school #health-insurance...


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Tiffanie L. Jul 27, 2016 652 views

what was something you were afraid to do but glad you did career wise?

just wanted to know what helped you a lot even if you were scared of doing it in the beginning #career...


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Sarah L. Oct 05, 2016 531 views

What are the requirements to be a fraud investigator?

I am interested in doing fraud investigations and I've research the job description, but nothing is really giving me an exact answer. The answers I'm interested in are about: Do you have to be a police officer? Does extent knowledge in math required?...


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Devetra C. Apr 27, 2017 715 views