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Regarding job Search

Hi All,

I have a question for a Job search. I am searching for a job from last 9 months but I didn't get any success.
1. I have updated my profile in Linkdin,Indeed and other job search website.
2. Later I am refreshing the details every one week so profile will be in updated status.
3. I have chaged my resume format word document which 6 pages resume to 1 page PDF document so that it will be convenient for the recruters.
4. I was working in software support customer service field from last 8 years.
5. But still no success in job and my condition is quite bad becuase I am not getting salary and family is there to feed them I need money.
6. Request everyone to advise me what I need to do and how soon I can get a job if I will make changes according to your advise.

Please Help! job-search job-search-strategies career business sonogram customer service

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6 answers

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Ksenia’s Answer

Dear Gunjan,

I can imagine how hard it is to be on this journey when no tangible outcomes appear. I admire your strong spirit and desire to do whatever it take to get a job!

Your strategy seems great, and I would advise on sticking to it and trying to go an extra mile by:

1) Creating separate resumes for each job opening you're applying for. Generic resumes usually have a worse response rate. So I would advise you to single out some key words you see in the job description you're interested in and to include them in your CV. And do the same thing for each job position you're applying for.

2) Doing you research on the company you're applying for and try to use this information in your cover letter. Show them you're interested specifically in their company by referencing to their mission or goals or some wins they are proud of, and how you can contribute to their business and help them achieve their specific goals.

3) Following-up with the recruiters even if they do not get back to you after you've sent a CV. You might want to send a polite follow-up email to the recruiter and a hiring manager to check-in after 5 business days of sending the CV. Probably, they won't respond - no worries, send another email in 3 days. Try to send 3 follow-up emails to show recruiters and hiring managers you really want to work with them. Persistence gets jobs!

Looking for a job is a challenge and it can be exhausting. It's important to care about your mental health so that when you go to a job interview, they'll see you as a passionate and committed professional so please take time to restore energy.

Wishing you the best of luck in your journey to the dream job!
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Simeon’s Answer

I can't predict how much time it will take to get a job by using the following advice, but the biggest boost I think you could give yourself is with networking. I have been in four different industries in my professional career, and each time I got into a position, networking played a role in getting the job. Like you, I have applied to hundreds of jobs on job boards and never heard back from any of them. Networking means building a list of personal connections to people that have business connections. When Covid shutdowns ease up for your area, I would recommend going to events related to your field of expertise and make friends. If you have any co-workers that you got along well with over the years, I would recommend reaching out to them and asking if they are aware of any open positions. Cold-calling organizations with just your resume is almost never enough to land a job. Usually, someone in the organization has to know you, but there are exceptions. Networking isn't just connected to people in your field. Fellow students and other friends are part of your network as well!
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Areeg’s Answer

Dear Gunjan,

I want to praise you for trying so hard and persevering. My advice is to not give up and to keep trying. I understand how frustrating and difficult it may be to be job-hunting, yet, always remember that you must never give up; the right opportunity will be just around the corner.

These are a few suggestions to help your job searching process:

1) Try searching through facebook groups for job opportunities and include your email and contact information clearly so they can reach you.

2) Try writing a list of all the possible places/ institutions that may have suitable opportunities for you and then go down in person to meet with their HR representatives.

3) Before any interview, try working on your interview skills; like preparing for the most common interview questions and trying your best to sound confident. There are multiple youtube videos that provide information on interview preparation.

4) You can prepare a letter that tells employers more information about you and why you would be a good fit for that specific field. Adding a short video about yourself may also be helpful and you can send them along with your c.v.

5) If you don’t know what field would suit you, try writing down a list of various fields you can work in and then write down all the places you know in each field that might be hiring and start going there in person as I mentioned earlier.

Lastly but my no means last, please never ever give up! It’s a long process that takes a lot of time for all of us, but always have faith that a really good opportunity will arise soon enough.

Wishing you the best of luck.
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Catherine’s Answer

LinkedIN is a great place to find jobs, and they even have an "easy apply" button so you don't have to do much! I'd also recommend reaching out to people at each company to grow your network and let them know you have applied to see if they could put in a good word.
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N’s Answer

Hi Gunjan,

Firstly, I really admire you for your perseverance and determination.

I would suggest you to get in touch with your friends, family, friends of friends, etc ( meaning network as much as possible) in order to get a referral or a potential opportunity. Connect with ex employees of your company to get an understanding of the companies they are getting recruited at.
Additionally, while you are not actively working, invest time in acquiring new skills and getting certifications to improve your chances of getting a job. This would help you in staying motivated and confident.

Lastly, be flexible in the kind of opportunities/jobs you are looking for.

I hope you find your dream job real soon!

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Adam’s Answer

I can imagine how frustrating it is to be persistent in applying for jobs and staying positive with no hits. Try to think about it in terms of what is meant to be will be and come to fruition. With such a competitive market in most fields it seems that more pinpointed momentum is required than just tenacity sometimes, which is where a robust resume comes into play. Recruiters are a great bridge to utilize when connecting you to what they think will be a good fit but sometimes they can miss the mark and align you to something general or unfulfilling in the long run. Good to keep all avenues open and nourished (working with recruiters, applying directly on company sites and job boards, networking, attending job fairs).

When you have a an array of skill sets of acquired accomplishments its hard to condense that down into a 1 page resume sometimes. However, there is a technique to writing resumes is to engage recruiters/HR regardless if it's a one pager or multiple pages. Keywords are vital to trigger talent acquisition to view your submission, but what's equally important are core competencies, certifications, project work, etc., that pertain to your field for the hiring manager to assess.

A rule of thumb a mentor passed down to me regarding a robust resume is to build it with intention to stimulate the reader. Injecting processes and lingo within your field when describing roles and responsibilities of previous positions held so that you don't have to continuously tweak or manipulate per job application. With that, it's good to have a role in mind to pursue so that title can be localized to build momentum on. The probability of achieving a role within the orbit increases when you're specific about your next move. After a resume is skimmed through, a reviewer should understand that you're well equipped to conduct a myriad of responsibilities based on the experiences displayed. See below the resume flow that's been helpful in my career and to others in helping land interview screenings.
Page 1
1) Name an contact info( current city, phone, email)
2) Summary of qualifications (3-6 sentences highlighting your overall skillset and expertise)
3)Core Competencies (list out skills you've fine tuned that are pertinent to the field ex: CAD software, technical writing, public speaking, client interfacing, etc.)
4) Education (Name of school, date started and finished, applicable certifications and dates acquired)
5) Relevant Experience (jobs held with descriptions with keywords and process oriented competencies)
Page 2
6) Highlighted projects (can elaborate on accomplishments here where you mitigated, streamlined, standardized, saved money for the organization/company, etc.)
7) Software/Systems (highlight the systems and software used in jobs/school that are applicable to your industry ex: operating systems, data analytics systems, database platforms, Microsoft features, etc.)

Networking is another approach as well, though a bit tricky to do in the current global status of a pandemic, there are still virtual organizations pertaining to your field that are accessible. Virtual job fairs are held now through webinars where you can connect to recruiters via chat rooms, teleconferencing, or webcasts on job postings.

Here's a link to a platform for US located virtual job fairs and dates. I'm sure other countries have similar platforms or apps for job seeker convenience.

Hope this is helpful!