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ashley’s Avatar
ashley Feb 03, 2022 534 views

What are some things to keep in mind when entering the work field?

#college #career #occupation #company

Pin’s Avatar
Pin Feb 27, 2019 608 views

As an international student, I always look forward to connecting with professionals and finding mentorship. How should I approach the professionals in asking them to be my mentor.


Jenna Villa’s Avatar
Jenna Mar 04, 2022 564 views

Should I go to grad school?

Hi! I'm a sophomore Public Health major. I'm interested in epidemiology and biostatistics therefore, in the near future, I would like a career in that field. Would that job market require me to get a Master's degree? Or can I get a job without one? Is a Master's degree worth it? #graduate-school

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Dec 03, 2021 699 views

How can I further improve myself?

I am a Chemical Engineering student interested in renewable energy, biotechnology, and process engineering. I am pursuing minors in Energy Studies and Engineering Corporate Practice to further expand my skillset to include an understanding of economics and policy, project management, and...

Jiale’s Avatar
Jiale Oct 05, 2021 840 views

What are some careers related to chemistry?

I am a senior in high school that is currently taking chemistry so I wanted to see what options there are for careers involving chemistry. #chemistry

Demetrius’s Avatar
Demetrius Nov 02, 2021 1338 views

what are the worst and best parts of being a biochemical engineer

I'm looking to start a career in biochemical engineering and I'd like to be mentally prepared for any unexpected hardships.

#biology #biomedical-engineering #biochemical #chemical #engineering #engineer #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #civil-engineering

Joyce’s Avatar
Joyce Oct 02, 2021 1607 views

How can I become a Cosmetic Chemist with a BS in Chemical Engineering?

Hello, my planned approach to this is to take a masters degree after my bachelor's and I'm thinking of either doing a MS in Cosmetic Science or a MS in Pharmaceutics with a specialization in Cosmetic Science. Any other recommended master degrees or methods in achieving this role in the cosmetic...

Marie’s Avatar
Marie Oct 29, 2016 820 views

Is chemistry considered a difficult major?

I'm really interested in going into cosmetic chemistry but first I have to get my bachelor's in chemistry. I've heard that it is a difficult major and I just want to make sure. In no way will anyone's answer change my mind about what I want to be but I just want to make sure. #chemistry

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Mar 07, 2017 1089 views

As a chemistry major, what are some gen ed classes I can take that would apply to my degree and help me in the field in the future?

I am a chemistry major, and I am working on my schedule for the upcoming summer and fall semesters. I am seeking advice about gen ed classes that will help me in the future. #science #career-counseling #chemistry #scheduling #scientists #chem #chemistry-major #chem-major

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Sep 06, 2019 651 views

What skills would you say are most needed in your career?

I’m a senior at Brennan high school interested in biomedical engineering and am hoping for answers.

#biomedical-engineering #engineering #biomedical

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 25, 2016 1661 views

Does a general chemistry major allow someone to go into creation of medicine such as pharmaceuticals?

I am wanting to go into the field of chemistry, starting by majoring in general chemistry. I know that I will be able to do some chemical research, but I would like to know if I could possibly go into creating medicine. #medicine #college-major #chemistry #pharmaceuticals

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Apr 19, 2021 483 views

Do industrial engineers design to solve problems? For example, if I see that to optimize the function of something the machine needs a piece, would I be able to create that piece or that's more of the mechanical engineer job.

I am very interested in engineering, but I am still deciding between what engineer to go into :) #career-choice

Douglas’s Avatar
Douglas Nov 12, 2020 498 views

Tell me about yourself?

I’m 19, I work at a District 211 Training Site, my previous work experiences I’ve been to is Friendship Village, Rosewood Care Center, and Harper College from Hoffman Estates High School and Higgins Education Center. #work #high-school

W. C.’s Avatar
W. C. Apr 02, 2017 1320 views

What is the toughest part in changing a job?

hi! I want to know about what hinder you in changing your profession into a new one? Do you change your job just because of your own preference or high salary? What is the greatest challenge when changing a new job/new profession? #job #financial-planning

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle May 15, 2016 1217 views

Should I go with a chemistry major or a chemical engineering major?

I like chemistry, but I've always wanted to be an engineer. What's the real difference between the two? #chemistry