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As an international student, I always look forward to connecting with professionals and finding mentorship. How should I approach the professionals in asking them to be my mentor.

Asked New York, New York

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Shante’s Answer

Updated Hartford, Connecticut

This is a great question Pin. I am a mentor and have been for several years, and it is refreshing to see someone as young as yourself inquire about a mentor. If you are working or doing an internship while in another country, you can look if your job has a mentorship program. Where I work we have it, so I am also a mentee as well. If you are not working, you should reach out to a professor that has the most impact in your life, and start those types of conversations. Ask if you can schedule a meeting for coffee and come up with conversational topics before the coffee that way you know how you want the conversation to go. If you like the answers the professor has, ask if you both can continually meet on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on both of your schedules. Good luck!