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What are some careers related to chemistry?

I am a senior in high school that is currently taking chemistry so I wanted to see what options there are for careers involving chemistry. chemistry

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2 answers

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Michael’s Answer

I agree with the answer you've already gotten. Expanding on that answer, a degree in chemistry can enable working in:
- forensics
- education
- materials science
- astronomy
- geology
- environmental sciences
- toxicology
- medical research

A degree in chemistry can even be useful in non-technical roles such as patent law, research analyst in the financial industry (for example, evaluating new technologies looking for investors), journalism, and sales.

Michael recommends the following next steps:

Keep work hard and asking questions, you only get out what you put in.
If you see yourself as a research scientist of any sort, think about going beyond a bachelors degree. A PhD opens a lot of doors.
Consider learning how businesses are managed. Science based businesses need good managers too, not just scientists.
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Adam’s Answer

There is a wide array of fields and industries that a degree in chemistry can open the door to. With such a broad range of opportunities to embark on it would be advantageous to start thinking about what line of work sparks your interest most. This will help curate your college experience to not only pursue a chemistry major, but also help in deciding what electives to take, what minor to pursue if interested, or even double majoring. The chemistry field has certainly evolved into a more profound career choice as chemical experts are needed in many conventional and non-conventional industries.

For example, say you're big into health and fitness and want to mirror your personal hobbies of an active lifestyle to a professional career. You could pursue an ideal path working within health and wellness industries such as nutraceuticals (products of supplements/vitamin, protein powders, workout/recovery enhancements, food nutrition support, etc.) as a chemist within manufacturing laboratories with a role in development research or quality control. Would allow you to be an advocate of a companies products that benefits your personal health journey and simultaneously giving real time feedback to optimize products and technologies as an internal customer.

Below is a link that provides many areas a profession in chemistry can provide and gives a high level view of relevant careers, sectors of industries that hire chemists, professional skills to acquire, salary ranges in certain fields, and much more pertinent info.