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I have decided to major in chemistry, possibly leading to chemical engineering.



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Jiale Apr 04, 2022 348 views

How different are classes in college compared to high school and in what ways?

Are college classes truly harder and are the teachers less focused on individual students?

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Jiale Apr 04, 2022 647 views

Is it better to major in general chemistry or major in a more specific part of chemistry?

An example of a more specific major would be chemical engineering or organic chemistry.

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Jiale Feb 03, 2022 3218 views

What jobs do students with a chemistry major generally end up with?

#chemistry #job

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Jiale Feb 03, 2022 373 views

What are good programs or activities that might help in college chemistry classes?

#chemistry #college

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Jiale Oct 05, 2021 836 views

What are some careers related to chemistry?

I am a senior in high school that is currently taking chemistry so I wanted to see what options there are for careers involving chemistry. #chemistry

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Jiale Sep 14, 2021 761 views

When choosing a career, do you prioritize enjoyment of a career or a career with a lot of potential?

#career-path #career-choice #career-counseling