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What skills would you say are most needed in your career?

I’m a senior at Brennan high school interested in biomedical engineering and am hoping for answers.

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3 answers

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Paritosh’s Answer

I have been working in Manufacturing for last 15 years and have realized the following few skills that have been useful in my career advancements:
1. Strong Work Ethic and Hard Work - nothing can substitute that. One needs to be sincere to their commitments and push themselves to fulfill all their commitments always the ethical way
2. "Can Do" attitude - new skills can be taught but Attitude is something a person has to develop himself/herself
3. Adaptability - Changes are inevitable and one needs to learn to adapt to changes in environment surrounding them, changes in business situations, changes in policies.... there are many and adapting to those changes is the only way forward
4. Continuous Improvement mindset - Attitude that never lets you rest on the achievements of today but encourages you to see what's better than the status quo and how to get there and continue doing this time and again
Hope this helps!
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Adam’s Answer

Below are general skills necessary for any student pursuing a career in engineering should have to ensure a successful career.

1) Problem Solving - the ability to analyze a situation/issue and come up with plausible solutions to resolve or mitigate an unwanted occurrence/activity

2) Attention to detail - ability to digest information and calculations of technical documentation, movements of processing activities, and understanding the schematics of designs

3) Analytical calculation - ability to apply the advanced mathematical skills learned during formative development.

4) Critical reasoning - harnessing the skills and teachings acquired through education and job holdings to help bring awareness to the value of work and evaluate crucial points that are vital to a project's success.

5) Innovative thinking - having the ability to introduce new ideas and concepts into the organizations or assigned projects, adding different perspectives to existing processes for optimization, and solve tasks on the fly in moments of quick decision making.

6) Interpersonal skills - ability to communicate effectively, collaborate cross-functionally to reach end goals and ideal process fluidity. Building good rapport with leaders and workers aids in networking and solidifies successful career development and trajectory.

7) Resiliency & Self-Discipline - the ability to conquer job hurdles, wrenches thrown into plans, navigating around difficult employees/management/situations, tenacity through rough patches (whether personal/professional), and pursuing what you feel is right while being open to others perception and ideas.

The outlined skills above are top level capabilities one should have, or at least be cognizant of, to work towards a successful career in engineering. There are specific competencies that are pertinent to an engineering field of practice; however, the skills mentioned above should be an engineer's bottom line to build from. One way to evaluate and identify a skill that may be lacking that has helped my career in engineering is being open to constructive criticism from mentors, peers, leaders, or managers to help with self mastering. Allowing yourself to be susceptible to the evolution of a career and not excepting stagnation or complacency will take you far in your professional and personal endeavors.
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Prerna’s Answer

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for the question.

Below are the skills (not all) which may come handy :

  • careful measurement and analytical skills
  • good attention to detail
  • a good eye for design
  • the creative and technical ability to turn designs into products
  • the ability to empathise with patients
  • communication and teamworking skills.

Hope this answers your questions :)