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Is it easy entering in the job market after you graduate college and how can you make the process easier?

I want to be able to be successful after getting my diploma. #job-market #job-search-strategies

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6 answers

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Adam’s Answer

It can be kind of tough to enter the market with no experience. Of course, this also depends on your field of study. Often times engineering and healthcare oriented majors can transition to full employment quickly.

After my bachelor's degree I had an awful time finding a job, although we were in a recession so everyone had a tough time. After my master's degree the transition was much easier as I performed a capstone project and got a semester of interning under my belt which lead to a position immediately following grad school. Ultimately I've followed that path from my internship and capstone project to my career today (although I would say it was far from a straight line).

I would suggest pursuing an internship in a field of interest or at a company of interest, and / or volunteering. This will help you acclimate to the workplace and get some valid experience on your resume.

I would also consider tempering your expectations, sometimes your first job is not your dream job, but rather a stepping stone and an opportunity to learn more and get better as you work towards your dream job.

Hope this helps!

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Melitssa’s Answer

Hi Jordyn!

It really depends. From my experience I had a job right out of College and that was because I did my Summer internship with that same firm. I highly recommend you get into as many internships as you can while in college. This will give you an opportunity to explore different companies and at the same time a chance to become full time employer.

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Gloria’s Answer

There are a lot of good responses in this post. I would just add, do not just wait to start a job after graduation. If at all possible, look for and take a job before you graduate. It is important to bridge the gap between a degree and a real job. You may take a job that is not exactly what you are looking for initially. A part of the journey is getting used to working in a specific business. I would recommend applying for a job at a place where you ultimately want to end up.

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Alwyn’s Answer

Yes and no. You ask what seems like a simple question with a complex answer. Easier if the employment market is looking for graduates in your chosen field of study. In life as in work, there are no guarantees. People make it in life and work based on perseverance. Never give up, never give in, dismiss rejection (there will be plenty of that), be your best advocate, friend, and most ardent supporter. Beleive you can do anything/everything. Be bold (a confident risk taker) and take challenges head on. This is the path I’ve followed so the advice is given from life experience.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Jordyn,

I would highly recommend trying to find an internship. This is the easiest way to get a job, because you're gaining work experience in your field of study. I would also recommend attending career fairs. Even if you aren't looking for a job yet, it will allow you to practice interviewing.


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Josiah’s Answer

Each field career has a different experience and getting a job out of college will really depend on your specific job. However, there are things that you can do to make sure you are successful out of college.

Josiah recommends the following next steps:

Get good grades
Do extra reading about your field outside of school
Get internships and experience (most important and relevant item)
Get letters of recommendation from internships. An endorsement from someone currently in that field goes a long way.