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What are the best things for your resume?

After college, getting a job can be very competitive. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? What are ways to boost your resume? What are employers, especially in business, looking to see? #business #resume #resume-building #evaluating-resumes #job-search-strategies #job-market #job-skills #employment

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3 answers

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Claire’s Answer

Hi Madeline! From my experience, a strong resume is one that comes from a person that is very well rounded. It is of course important to some employers that your grades are good, but they also want to see diversified extracurriculars, hobbies, etc. Volunteering is a great way to show employers you are well rounded and also help out your community!

You also want to make sure your resume is formatted in an easy to read manner and that it is free of spelling or grammar mistakes. Some samples are provided in the next steps section!

Claire recommends the following next steps:


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Marianna’s Answer

Great question.  What I look for when reviewing resumes is to make sure it's not more than 2 pages.  Highlight of skills is the first thing I look at, then experience with specific examples. No need to include references.  Always include a personal letter for the job you are looking for.  You can also have multiple resumes based on the job you are applying for.  When I was looking for a new job I had a lot of skills sets in project management, operations and communications.  When I applied for a communication role, I concentrated my resume on all the communication work I had done, and deleted most of the operational stuff.   

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Hanleigh’s Answer

Hi! First, you do not need to include a summary or an objective. Your experiences should include 3-5 robust descriptions about relevant skills and accomplishments acquired on the job. I think any experience like internships, organizational leadership, jobs, and many other positions can be great experiences to include on your resume. Remember, not all of your experiences have to be a traditional job. You also have an opportunity to include any volunteer, awards, and education.