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What is the best way to display my study abroad experience on a resume to make myself more marketable?

Asked Boone, North Carolina

I just returned from studying abroad in Sweden and I want to add this to my resume but I'm not exactly sure what a future employer may want to know about my time abroad? For example, should I discuss my different traveling experiences or maybe the different nationalities I had the opportunity to work along side of?

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Carmen’s Answer

Updated Naples, Campania, Italy

Hi James! First of all congratulations for this amazing experience!

As regards your study abroad, you can introduce by naming all the courses you attended, which benefits you got from this experience (i.e. cross cultural mindset, international environment, adaptability, personal development), the fact that you learnt another language (Swedish is not a common language so you would definitely get a plus for this), getting in touch with a new culture.

All these characteristics are highly required nowadays by the jobmarket, because of globalization so an intercultural mindset is what makes surely the difference. Feel free to add all other significant experiences you made there and how they contributed for your self development.

Good luck!

Hi, I studied abroad while in college, and I found that employers particularly liked how I highlighted getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Things weren't the same abroad as they were back home, and you have to take in quite a lot of information (new language, new customs, new format for classes, etc), and the ability to deal with all of those changes is desirable for employers in fast-moving industries.
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