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Do medical schools look favorably upon students who do study abroad?

Does it add something to medical school applications if you've studied abroad? I was considering doing a faculty-led trip, but it wouldn't be necessarily science related, so I'm not sure I could tie it into my application directly, but does it at least show well-roundedness? #studyabroad #premed

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Yes, it absolutely shows well-roundedness! You gain so many skills through study abroad, such as resourcefulness, adaptability, cultural sensitivity, openness, humility, communication skills, and so much more! By studying abroad, you will learn to see through a unique lens that many others will not. It's all about how you talk about it, so I suggest you ask your study abroad advisors for advice on how to incorporate it into resumes/interviews and do some googling as well.

For example, here is a good starting point for how to talk about study abroad in interviews that I think may be helpful for you:

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While I haven't attended medical school, my sister is currently a 3rd year. Anything that helps you to stand out is a plus for your application. If you can tie it in somehow to your medical education thats great. If you can't, talk about your growth studying abroad granted you when you interview.

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