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Is it worth it to study abroad if you are going to have tough classes that semester?

Asked Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I want to study abroad but I don't know if I would get a lot out of the experience if I was taking a heavy course load. I know a lot of people take a light course load the semester they are studying abroad. #studyabroad

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Amanda’s Answer


Hi Hannah, from my experience it was a good idea to have a light courseload while abroad (I studied in London). This gave me the flexibility to take weekend trips without worrying about the work I might’ve been missing! Instead I took really enjoyable courses such as Photography in London and English Literature. I remember we used to take the tube to different museums or places to write. What an incredible experience!

With that being said, if your only option for going abroad will be a heavy course load, I wouldn’t let that hold you back. It’s an amazing opportunity that you only have once. Plus, most colleges let you do pass/fail courses while you’re abroad. Good luck!

Amanda recommends the following next steps:

  • Look into pass / fail options at your college.