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What is best place to Study Abroad for a Physical Therapy major?

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I am interested in studying exercise science and physical therapy so I can help people get back to their normal selves but I also want to travel. #studyabroad

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Hello - great question! First off, have you spoken to your University's Study Abroad Office? When I was deciding to study abroad, they really helped me by providing various programs and trip opportunities that would cater to my interests/travel goals. Another place you can look is www.CEAstudyabroard.com or www.efcollegestudytours.com for various study abroad trips. However, you should definitely talk to the University Study Abroad Office first to see if these are an option for college credit - you don't want to sign up for a trip that doesn't qualify for credits! Both sites mentioned allow you to browse study abroad trips by your interests/location and will break down the cost for these. I know that on EF's website, you could look at the various healthcare trips to hopefully create some ideas of what you would be interested in to bring up with your University's Study Abroad Office.

From personal experience, I would first decide where you want to travel, since that is what the experience is all about! It was easier for me to first pick a city (London) where I could take some basic required classes i.e. english, business, math, and then take my major specific classes at my US college when I returned. Hope this helps!