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Olivia Jan 16, 2018 782 views

How did you deal with homesickness while you were living abroad?

The program I've been accepted to for grad school is in a different county from the one I'm living in. I've lived abroad before, but only for a short amount of time. What's it like to live in a new country for over a year? #studyabroad #study-abroad

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Kaitlyn Mar 08, 2018 544 views

What is best place to Study Abroad for a Physical Therapy major?

I am interested in studying exercise science and physical therapy so I can help people get back to their normal selves but I also want to travel. #studyabroad

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Lizbeth Apr 04, 2018 558 views

What are the minimum and maximum amount of classes someone can take in college?

It might depend on the school but I don't really know?