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What do I have to do and know to study abroad in college next year?

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The studying at sea and going to multiple places sounded nice but I would also like to do studying in Australia or Europe. Who do I go to for information at my school? What needs to be done to make it possible? I am going to be a freshmen in college in September and I was thinking of doing studying abroad either my sophomore or junior year. #studyabroad #college #help #australia #study #information #travel #education

2 answers

Lorena’s Answer


1.Be open minded

2. Research the different abroad programs your school offers

3.Connect with your abroad advisor to see which location is the right fit for you

4.Connect with a course advisor to help you map out your classes while you are abroad and the ones you may have left after you come back

5.Connect with a financial advisor to talk about different scholarship & financial opportunities that may help you affording some of those abroad costs

Ana’s Answer


studying abroad is an amazing experience! Often universities have special councilors for study abroad. They would know about which programs are safe, have transferable credit, etc. Also thing about if you want to study abroad ( where you take actual classes in a foreign university) or you want to do an internship ( where you work, often for free, in another country to gain experience in your field). You can often study abroad at anytime. However i recommend doing it your junior or senior as you have clearer idea of type of career you want.