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Richmond, California
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Angelina’s Career Goals

I don't want to do just one thing in my life. I am super creative and artistic as well as intelligent. I want to direct movies, dabble in designs of all ranges, and publish a book. One day I would like to learn how to pilot a plane. I don't plan on going to college for writing because I feel I can learn on my own time to enhance my writing skills. I am planning on going to New York for college really soon to major in digital design and film which has been my dream since middle school. I have a goal set to have connections with people to succeed in my careers. I don't need to be rich but my goal is to be known. I have a goal to also contribute positively to the environment. I have a goal of succeeding in web design as well.


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Angelina Jul 15, 2018 762 views

What do I have to do and know to study abroad in college next year?

The studying at sea and going to multiple places sounded nice but I would also like to do studying in Australia or Europe. Who do I go to for information at my school? What needs to be done to make it possible? I am going to be a freshmen in college in September and I was thinking of doing...

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Angelina May 02, 2018 638 views

How can I get free money for off campus housing for college?

I will have a part-time job to help pay for housing and have a little help from my family but it would really be helpful to have some type of cushion. What can I do to get free money particularly for house rent? Is there any special programs? I've applied to many scholarships already and will...

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Angelina Apr 23, 2018 773 views

When you get out of college how do you land a successful job?

what do you do next? can you just start your own business when college ends or do you have to start doing that before college ends? Where do you look or who do you ask? #search #successful #college #job #business

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Angelina Apr 23, 2018 903 views

What was the hardest parts of college? and why?

literally any struggles during college that you had #struggles #college #hard #money #procrastination #life

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Angelina Apr 18, 2018 524 views

What are some basic plans I need to have for college when I get there?

Food plans? Going out? Eliminating procrastination. Transportation? Living place? Making friends? #plans #college #procrastination #goingout #basics

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Angelina Apr 18, 2018 949 views

How do I find a good apartment to rent near my college?

I live in California currently and I need to apply for renting a place in New York because that's where my college is. It is super difficult looking for places when I can't really be there in person at the moment. I need to rent because the room and board at my college is super expensive and it...

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Angelina Apr 18, 2018 1025 views

How do I begin to network with people?

I want to have people that I can branch out with and have solid relationships to begin my own business involving digital media and film by the time I finish college. I am currently a high school senior about to graduate in a couple months. I am planning on attending the New York Institute of...