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What was the hardest parts of college? and why?

literally any struggles during college that you had #struggles #college #hard #money #procrastination #life

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4 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Nothing is hard in life unless you perceive it to be in that way. Yes, challenges (in a better way, you can call it as "New Learning") will come, it is as it comes and enjoys with it.

Just a few tips for you:

  1. Prepare your self-notes
  2. Prepare your "To-Do List" (To stay organized)
  3. Allot time to each task and try your level best to complete that task in that time (This will add Time Management skills in you, which is utmost important in your job as well as in college.)
  4. Stay open to learn new things
  5. Stay Optimistic
  6. Don't feel shy about taking help from professors
  7. Take part in extracurricular activities

Good Luck!

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Bridgett’s Answer

My advice is manage your time well, there's a certain freedom about college. You are in charge of making sure necessary things get completed on time. It's very easy to lose track of things, so track important things.

Bridgett recommends the following next steps:

Keep a class schedule and include class time and when everything is due.
Join clubs, but make sure your social life doesn't affect your classwork in a negative way.
Enjoy the experience and have fun.
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Melissa’s Answer

Well, that depends on you. Here are some questions to really ask yourself. It’s ok to be honest. No one will know.

How are my grades when I try my hardest?

Do I have good study habits or do I tend to slack off?

Am I motivated, or do I give up easily?

Am I willing to understand complex material, or will I quit when it’s too hard?

Am I willing to sacrifice doing things when others are wondering why I am choosing to study?

Do I tend to make excuses instead of doing what I know I’m capable of doing?

How bad do I want this?

What is my reason, my motivation? Will it be enough to push me through to the end?

‘Hard’ is subjective. The short answer is it is very hard, especially if you are not honest with yourself.

But I believe anything is possible. We can do hard things.

I went to nursing school when I was 35. I had a breastfeeding newborn (this is a 24 hour job 😉), a 3 year old and a 6 year old at the time. I was a single parent.

This was incredibly hard.

But I went to school. And I graduated at the top of my class and was VP of the school nurse association. I delivered the pinning ceremony speech- a great honor. I did it. Nothing could stop me.

It was hard and it was good.

I’m not bragging- I’m just telling you that hard things are possible when you have dedication, purpose, and drive.

I went back to school to get the BSN when I was working nights, still a single parent with three young children.

It was hard. And it was good.

I had cancer throughout the BSN program, but I didn’t know it. I found out the day I turned in my last assignment for my last class in that program that I had stage IV lymphoma metastasized to my bone marrow, and from head to toe. Yes, this is a true story. lol.

I survived, so I went to get my MSN FNP. My children were teenagers (a 24+ hour job 😂).

It was hard and it was good.

Go get em. We can do hard things.

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Angelina Y. I see that you posted this question a little while ago so I hope my answer to you (or others who may read this response) is still helpful.

In my view, college is one of the first places in your life journey where you get to understand more about who you are as a person. Sometimes that understanding can be hard to take in because prior to college, young people generally have older people telling them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, when to stop doing it, etc :)....In college there is a lot less adult involvement in how you go about doing things, with maybe the exception of parental/guardian input. It is within the context of "getting to know yourself" that I share that the hardest parts of college may have to do with how you manage yourself in college and your level of honesty with yourself on your plan to graduate. In my view, we go to college to graduate. But there are no shortage of distractions that can shake you off that focus. Building your plan, working your plan, graduating, moving on to your career...and then repeat...building your plan, working your plan, moving on to the next step in your career....these are process steps that will serve you well but the first step, in my view, is getting into the habit of giving focus to what needs attention. Prioritizing and goal setting are also helpful to overcoming distraction and obstacles.

Hope you find this feedback helpful. Best of luck to you!