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How can I stay on top of work?

I get all my work done but I have a ton of stress because I don't do it until the last minute. #procrastination

Thank you comment icon Honestly, I have the exact same problem sometimes I give myself earlier deadlines but that is still quite stressful you need to honestly eliminate all distractions, make sure you are working in a clean space, make yourself a to-do list so you can visually and mentally process the work that needs to get done. From there you just need to sit down and do the work no matter how painful it may be it is way better long run because you are definitely way less stressed out! I wish you the best and remember to give yourself breaks and treat yourself for all the hard work you are doing! Asia

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4 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

You should start college planning to study every day. This can help combat procrastination. Attend your classes. Do the homework. When you find a class difficult, attend office hours early in the semester. If you continue to struggle, get a tutor.
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andrea’s Answer

the key is to plan plan plan. here are some tips that can help to be successful at your goals.
• break up your goal into smaller pieces
• make sure to carve out time you need
• always add in a cushion of time to handle any issues that pop up later
• make a list of tasks, even a simple list can go a long way
• try to avoid distractions
• avoid distractions but do a break and recharge then go back in it
• set reminders for yourself
• use tools that are available like a calendar app or a note taking or even a white board to take notes
• reward yourself for small victories, even little bit you do is good
Remember you are very capable and can certainly accomplish what you want to do.
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Michael’s Answer

Hi Natalie,

You pretty much answered your question in your summary, it is stressful because you are waiting until the last minute. Coming from personal experience, procrastinating can create a lot of stress. I would practice time management and setting some time aside to complete your schoolwork. Outline your schedule each week and pencil in time to complete your work while also setting time for personal fun.



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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Natalie:

I prepare and plan in advance. Procrastination is not a time management problem; rather, it's likely due to difficulty managing negative feelings like boredom or anxiety. But avoiding negative emotions and important tasks tends to lend to much worse outcomes in the long run, including more stress and regret. Changing your mindset, rewarding yourself for progress, and letting go of perfectionism can all help you overcome procrastinating tendencies. Everyone has put off a task at some point in their life. Andrea's list of items are on target. Here are a few more tips to help you get things on the right track:

• Stop making a huge deal out of it
• Focus on your long-term goals
• Mark it down on your calendar
• Set yourself up for success
• Stop making excuses
• Partner with someone on the task
• Choose a good environment that maximize your productivity
• You don't have to be a perfectionist

I hope this was helpful. Best of luck to you Natalie!

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