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How to motivate yourself/others for hunting for scholarships.

I have a tendency to overload myself and find myself short on energy when I have the few breaks to work on scholarships.
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2 answers

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Donna’s Answer

One way to prioritize and shorten your search is to review scholarships that were provided in the prior year. Use your energy to talk to the recipients and/or review the criteria to see if you qualify and start with those. Many scholarships have early submissions; local scholarships (ie: Chamber of Commerce) are looking for applicants early in the school year. Do not wait until Spring to start researching. Focus on your areas of interest: places you volunteer, local businesses and the higher institution you select. Good luck!

Donna recommends the following next steps:

Determine what scholarships were offered in your school the prior year.
Determine if your church or where you volunteer offer scholarships.
Make a list of your strengths.
Make an appointment with your guidance counselor.
Talk to admissions at the institutions where you apply; ask them what is avialable.

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Maxwell’s Answer

Hey Re, great question! There are a ton of helpful tips that allow folks to prioritize their time more effectively in order to gain more productivity within their day. A technique that I have found successful within my course of work is to create a to-do list. While the idea is simple, a to-do list allows you to gain a clear understanding of what you attempt to accomplish in a day, as well as, place a deadline around when you need to perform the outlined tasks. There is no better feeling of accomplishment than completing a daily to-do list.