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joseline’s Avatar
joseline Apr 25, 2020 1008 views

how do you become a neonatal nurse

#nursing #nurse-practitioner #medicine #healthcare Ive always been interested in the medical field!

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Apr 17, 2019 741 views

How many years of schooling is required for nurse practicioners?

#nurse-practitioner #medicine #healthcare #nursing

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah Sep 21, 2018 661 views

What all can Nurse Practitioners specialize in?

Before going through college and going to receive my masters, I want to be aware of what is all there, before choosing.#nurse-practitioner #medicine #healthcare #nursing

Kierra’s Avatar
Kierra Jan 21, 2018 636 views

Is it better to go to a tech school first then a 4 year school and get my B.S.?

I'm Curious. #Bachelor #Nursing

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Apr 23, 2018 896 views

What was the hardest parts of college? and why?

literally any struggles during college that you had #struggles #college #hard #money #procrastination #life

hargun’s Avatar
hargun Sep 15, 2021 766 views

How hard is it to do a Masters in Nursing?

Is it hard to get into the Masters programs and how hard is it to actually get the masters, I know that each exam has a higher passing rate when it comes to Masters so I was wondering

#college #nursing #degree

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah Aug 19, 2018 1104 views

What steps do I have to take to become a Nurse Practitioner?

I'm a senior this year, and wanted to figure out what I would have to do to pursue this career #nurse-practitioner #nursing

Jillian’s Avatar
Jillian Oct 23, 2020 952 views

What kind of degree do you need to become a nurse practitioner

I am in 10th grade and I have thought about going into nursing for a long time now. I've never really thought about anything else but nursing is one of my top choices as a future career. #nursing #medicine #student

Fernanda’s Avatar
Fernanda Dec 02, 2020 516 views

what are the requirements to study nursing?

#medicine #Nursing

vakenya’s Avatar
vakenya Nov 13, 2020 833 views

What are some pros and cons that come with being a nurse ?

Hi I am a junior in high school looking forward to becoming a nurse.
#nursing advice

Jazmine’s Avatar
Jazmine Oct 19, 2020 334 views

How busy is a nurse

Is it hard to deal with some Patient that don’t let you touch them #nurse

Fernanda’s Avatar
Fernanda Dec 02, 2020 732 views

what process do you have to go through to become as a nurse practitioner?

#Nursing #Medicine

Sequoia’s Avatar
Sequoia Oct 19, 2020 2001 views

What are the hours like of a labor and delivery nurse?

I love kids and helping other people.#Labor-and-delivery #nursing

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Nov 05, 2020 473 views

What is an aspect that could be most challenging for Nurses?

I'm a Senior in Highschool and I would like to know the position of becoming a nurse later in my life. I'm a loyal, trust-worthy, and caring person. Curious of what the roles and responsibilities of my future what would look like. #nursing #jobs

Braden’s Avatar
Braden Oct 19, 2020 476 views

Is Nursing a fun job?

#nurse #nursing