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How hard is it to do a Masters in Nursing?

Is it hard to get into the Masters programs and how hard is it to actually get the masters, I know that each exam has a higher passing rate when it comes to Masters so I was wondering

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Tonya’s Answer

How hard is it to do a Masters in Nursing, depends on who you ask and how one defines hard.

The reason for my comment is, if someone loves what they are studying, realizes acquiring a Masters means you have decided to take on more responsibilities in the nursing practice to serve and be a reliable resource to others with scientific knowledge, nursing expertise, competency, and dedication; and realize you will need to be dedicated to your studies, then one may not see it as hard.

For example, when I was pursing my Masters to become a Midwife, it was hard because there was new material to study and late study nights. I had to work with another advance care practice nurse/doctor in the healthcare setting to learn how to take care of patients in the advance role, learn more in-depth aspects of medication because I had to learn how to prescribe medications and the rules and laws of prescribing. At the same time, I had to balance working and family responsibilities with school. I think the balance of everything together was challenging. What I found made days easy, was help from supportive family, taking care of myself with sleep, a day off to have safe fun, good nutrition, and focus on my goals and not detractions.

The higher pass rate for the exam depends on the Masters program. For example, in some specialties in nursing you need to take an exam to be a certified nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse anesthetist. While, another exam could be obtained after receiving a Masters in Nursing Education or Nursing Leadership and working for a set amount of hours to be eligible to take a certification exam.

Someone else may answer; working towards a Masters in Nursing is easy. And, that is just fine. You can ask the person, what made it easy such as study skills, time management, what other responsibilities did they have, and tips that worked for them.

All, and All…achieving a Masters was fun to me, because I was able to focus on a specialty in nursing that I believe in, there were more opportunities to serve others in various settings, and I enjoy learning.

If you identify something as hard, discover what is the hard aspect of the goal/activity and find answers to work hard and work smart to achieve your goals.

All the best.