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Career Questions tagged Apartment

Carolyn’s Avatar
Carolyn Oct 02 48 views

How do I find a good apartment with good roommates?

I love adventure and am not sure what I'm doing after high school so I can really go anywhere. but I'm a semi anxious person and faint a lot, so I want to have roommates willing to check in on me from time to time. how do I find girl roommates willing to do that?

samantha’s Avatar
samantha Aug 28, 2018 708 views

is it better to stay in a dorm or an apartment

i'm planning on going to a performing arts school in New York for college pros and cons on dorms versus apartments would be appreciated any tips on finding a great apartment would be nice i currently have two roommates who would be staying with me and splitting rent. #housing #dorms #dorming...

Tulip’s Avatar
Tulip Aug 23, 2018 765 views

Do you recommend living in dorms or apartment?

#collegefreshmen #dorm #apartment #financialcontrol

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Apr 18, 2018 824 views

How do I find a good apartment to rent near my college?

I live in California currently and I need to apply for renting a place in New York because that's where my college is. It is super difficult looking for places when I can't really be there in person at the moment. I need to rent because the room and board at my college is super expensive and it...

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jan 24, 2018 661 views

Is it better to dorm or rent an apartment near the campus?

I'm curious to find out which option provides the most benefits and is relatively cheaper in the long run. #apartment #dorm

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jan 16, 2018 610 views

When moving out of your home state for college, is it better to live in college dorms of an apartment?

I am dead set on going out-of-state for college because I want to escape my home state of Texas a bit to somewhere colder. I wonder which would be more worth it and easier. #student #collegedorm #apartment

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany May 17, 2017 1376 views

What does it take to build and run a new apartment complex?

Hello, I've all but decided that apartment complex ownership is the business I want to start with as an entrepreneur. I'm currently working toward finishing my associate of arts degree, taking business/economics/accounting classes to assist me with the technical aspects of starting the...