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is it better to stay in a dorm or an apartment

i'm planning on going to a performing arts school in New York for college pros and cons on dorms versus apartments would be appreciated any tips on finding a great apartment would be nice i currently have two roommates who would be staying with me and splitting rent. #housing #dorms #dorming #apartment #newyork #nyc #newyorkcity

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3 answers

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Ellen’s Answer

Hi Samantha

If you are asking this for this coming school year, my response is probably too late, but here are my thoughts. There are pros and cons on both sides.

Living in an apartment with two friends could be nice, since you'd already know your roommates, you wouldn't have to deal with "strangers". You'd have more freedom to choose where you want to live and you wouldn't have to adhere to the campus dining hall schedule but eat what and where you want. It would be more challenging in terms of finding a place to live and getting to know the areas that are safe to rent in. Having an apartment (especially in NYC) is usually more expensive than a dorm, even with 3 people splitting the rent.

However, living in a dorm, at least for your first year, also has major advantages. The major advantage is that dorm living is usually much cheaper than renting an apartment, even with 2 roommates. By living in a dorm, you'd be more apt to expand your social network and meet new people; those "strangers" might become your new best friends. You won't have to worry about finding a place to live, and chances are the dorms will be closer to your classes than an apartment would be. You won't have to worry about cooking; even if the campus food is not great, it is prepared for you and, with a busy academic schedule, this could be a real plus. But the biggest plus is that you will be plugged into the social life of the school, not only will you meet people in your classes, but by living on campus, you'll also get to know people in your dorm, in the dining halls, and in the on campus activities. My opinion is, for at least the first year, dorm living is a good idea, but you have to decide what you think is best for you.

Best wishes!

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Michael’s Answer

I would always recommend a dorm room in your first year. It allows you to meet other first year students and establish relationships with like minded individuals. I went in blind my first year, I still talk to my dorm roommates to this day.

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Charles’s Answer

I found that living in a dorm to start college was very beneficial in terms of making friends and finding extracurricular activities of interest. Once you get established on campus, it is really up to your preference in terms of whether dorms or an apartment might make sense. Depending on financial situation, safety of the off-campus community, what your lifestyle will be (will you be spending most of your time on campus?), and a number of other factors, the answer will differ.