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rachael S. Sep 30, 2017 528 views

How would you guide someone just learning to file their taxes?

I am curious how tax advisors would help someone of a young age learn how to do their taxes. #taxes...


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samantha B. Aug 28, 2018 277 views

is it better to stay in a dorm or an apartment

i'm planning on going to a performing arts school in New York for college pros and cons on dorms versus apartments would be appreciated any tips on finding a great apartment would be nice i currently have two roommates who would be staying with me and splitting rent. #housing #dorms #dorming...

#apartment #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc

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Judah H. Jul 29, 2019 158 views
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Alexander R. Mar 13, 2020 151 views


#realestate Other than communication and knowing people, what are some other life skills that could help me get better at closing deals for houses and finding deals as...

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carmen C. May 10, 2020 368 views

Where can I get a job quickly?

Communicative, quick learner, skillful, good listener #job-search #job #career...


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Marie E. May 12, 2020 829 views

would it be a good idea to work with your best friend?

I dont think it is but I would like different type of perspective #bestfriends...