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How will training for carpentry help me in the real estate

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3 answers

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Adam’s Answer

If you are interested in both carpentry and real estate, you might consider putting carpentry skills to work renovating old homes and re-selling them. This is what's known as flipping, and there are a lot of TV shows out there that focus on this subject. Flipping houses involves purchasing a home at a discounted price that may need cosmetic or structural upgrades, and reselling it once those upgrades have been done for a price that will give you a profit above and beyond the cost or purchasing and upgrading the home.

This can be speculative work, and big profits are not always guaranteed however.

Becoming a realtor would allow you to buy and sell houses. A real estate license is required to sell homes in nearly every jurisdiction. Here are the guidelines for your state:

Having knowledge of home construction and carpentry is helpful, but not required to broker home sales. What is generally more important is an understanding of real estate values, contracts, property law- which is usually what is taught by the real estate board curriculum.

Another way you could use your carpentry skills in real estate would be to become a home inspector. Inspectors are often brought in to assess home's condition prior to a sale. Being able to identify structural problems related to construction might stem from experience as a home builder or carpenter.

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Donald’s Answer

Carpenter training provides useful information and practices. Thereby cutting way back on time (years) spent learning "hands on".

Upon completion of training, (4 years?)
Afterwards, it is possible to work as an apprentice with a reputable residential carpenter/contractor, 4 years.

Providing a good idea of a home from the inside out. Then, licensure and provide service for real estate companies.

There is the opportunity to "shadow" other realtors, while learning about real estate (market/values). Then selling real estate with companies built relationships with, 4-6 years.

Of course, there's the option of working for a company the rest of your life or

Pursue selling real estate on your own.

Finally...your carpentry training/skills have provided financial freedom :)
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Charles’s Answer

Answer definitely depends on what area of real estate you want to focus on in your career. Real estate is a massive industry and includes an extremely wide range of jobs within it. My background is (commercial) real estate finance, and an understanding of carpentry would definitely add some but not a ton of value. I think the same can be said of brokerage work. Understanding of finance, business and real estate law are much more important than technical knowledge of carpentry.

With that said, if you're more interested in construction or architecture, then carpentry would absolutely be valuable. However, much of what is built today (be it homes, office, warehouse, etc.) uses a variety of materials beyond wood. Something to consider before focusing on carpentry. I believe many home goods and interiors involve wood, so it would probably help you on those types of projects.