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Ben S. Oct 02, 2018 352 views

How do I become a real estate developer?

I am 20 and interested in real estate and finance and becoming a #real-estate developer. Would love to hear recommendations about how to do this on the side. I am studying finance at uni. #finance #real-estate #property...


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Alex M. Jul 16, 2019 184 views

What kinds of jobs/careers can I pursue with an architectural & engineering design degree?

As of the date that I have wrote this question, I have been at Job corps for a little over a week, and through the MYPACE program have learned that I would want to look into pursuing a career path towards architectural and engineering design. Because of this, I am wondering what kind of...

#design #engineering #architecture

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Judah H. Jul 24, 2019 240 views
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Judah H. Jul 29, 2019 158 views