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What does a typical day of a real estate agent look like

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3 answers

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Ginny’s Answer

Real Estate sales will depend on where you are located, what your focus is, and how good you are at your job. Generally speaking you spend part of your day working on new business, completing transactions for current customers, and working on relationships. You may have a focus on new construction, home sales, buyers, or servicing customers like banks or asset managers.

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Adam’s Answer

It's going to depend a bit on your geography, and whether you are interested in selling residential or commercial properties. In residential real estate, it's going to be a lot of meeting with clients in person at properties acting as either the buyer's agent or seller's agent. You'll also spend a fair bit of time marketing your services and developing a client base. You'll need to be a self-starter, sometimes seeking out business as it won't always fall in your lap. Commercial real estate is a bit different, depending on if you are selling properties, or brokering leases. Most businesses lease properties from property owners or landlords. Large brokerages exist to facilitate these deals. You'll be working with clients and their real estate lawyers on negotiating the terms of a lease with the landlord and their brokers and lawyers. Almost all real estate work, whether residential or commercial-is commission based, so you will get a percentage of money based on the value of the deal.

Adam recommends the following next steps:

Your state will have a local real estate board, that is responsible for education and certification. I believe yours would be here: https://www.ctrealtors.com/. Check this out for steps on how to become a realtor and what it's like in your area.
Inquire with a real estate agency or brokerage about doing some shadowing, or free intern work to see what the job is really like. Or, look for entry level jobs at an agency like reception.

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Meghan’s Answer

I am a real estate agent in North Texas and I deal primarily with residential real estate.

My typical day starts with a team power up session where the whole team gets together (in person or on zoom). We spend 15 minutes going over good things that happened in the last day, numbers (closings, under contracts, etc.), and objection handling. Objection handling means our ISA will role play as a buyer giving a reason they don’t want to buy yet and she picks an agent to talk her through her objection and instead get her to agree to an appointment.

Then I spend a few hours in the morning lead generating. Which is calling internet leads, open house leads, and past clients or “sphere”. This is usually from 9:15-11:30.

After that I do any paperwork or email correspondence. Really anything online from about 12:00-3:00.

After that I go to appointments or show homes.

Weekends are different. I typically do open houses on my weekend days which are 2-3 hours long. Tuesday’s are also a bit different for me because we have a big in person team meeting where we dive deep into our numbers, motivation, and growth.

Your day as an agent depends on your location, your focus in real estate, and the team you choose to join. This is just an example of my typical day.

Hope this helps!