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Where do I begin? And what can I do right now? (I am currently a Junior in High School)

I want to be a real estate realtor in San Francisco.

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3 answers

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Jake’s Answer

A good start is by looking at current listings and knowing all the details and features of what is listed. HOA, taxes, schools, transit. You want to understand all the "features" that any given listing has. You will have to be licensed in your state and have to take a test. There is material out there on the internet to study to get licensed to sell houses / properties / buildings.

There seems to be 2 sides to selling real estate. There is knowing all the rules and regulations in the area and knowing the customer needs, wants, and dislikes. You can find all the regulations online for any given area. Depending on what you are showing you will want to be aware of the areas regulations IE. residential..when it comes to fences, outside "decor", etc. Then you will need to be aware of the condition of whatever you're listing and know what it will take cost wise to get it to where the clients end goal is. Having a good personality and being straight with your client goes a long way. You will want to know all the hidden but obvious costs of the specific listing before presenting it to your client. IE, the listing is on short sale and needs to have the well / septic fixed. Understanding some construction does help to understand what may or may not be needed to bring it to code before a purchase. One of the biggest dont's is showing your client something they don't want to see from what they stated before hand. It is very important to understand what they are looking for and only show them listings that apply. You only want to go outside (high) their price range when you know that you found something that is so amazing that your client might actually consider it.
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Brandon’s Answer

Hi Jiayi,

There's a couple things you could do to learn more!
1. Spend some time learning about how the housing market works. Mortgages, appraisals, inspections, etc. The more subject-matter knowledge you have, the better off you'll be!
2. Reach out to a relator in your area. They're generally friendly and available people, so ask them to go over their day-to-day! No better way to learn than by talking to someone who does the job!

Hope this helps.
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Bridget’s Answer

Research your state rules for becoming a Realtor - you have to be 18 to take the state exam. It is good advice to find a local Realtor to mentor you, maybe see if there is an internship with a local agency.