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Career Questions tagged Apartments

Matthew V.’s Avatar
Matthew V. Mar 27, 2018 312 views

Should I live on-campus at UCSB?

I got accepted into UCSB and I was wondering if I should live on-campus?...


Brittany P.’s Avatar
Brittany P. May 17, 2017 1056 views

What does it take to build and run a new apartment complex?

Hello, I've all but decided that apartment complex ownership is the business I want to start with as an entrepreneur. I'm currently working toward finishing my associate of arts degree, taking business/economics/accounting classes to assist me with the technical aspects of starting the...

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Thomas L.’s Avatar
Thomas L. May 21, 2016 837 views

What are some key factors that you should look for went looking for an apartment?

As a sophomore in college, I have decided to live off campus but finding an apartment is a big step in balancing my income. As any college student that is just placed into the world and told to do what adults do, what should I look for when looking for an apartment? college finance job...

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Stuart W.’s Avatar
Stuart W. May 13, 2016 675 views

Should I live on campus or should I save money by living in an apartment around the town or city of the university?

I've always been a guy who liked to get the best deal for anything, which inherently causes me to go with the choices that cost the least. I've been wondering if I should live on the campus where I might have more opportunities to be with other students and go to events, or if I should go with...

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