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Where are the best places to look for post grad bursaries?

I live in South Africa and am about to graduate with a Bachelor of Design. I want to study a Masters in Service Design abroad because there are no universities in South Africa that offer this. I am desperate to study further but my family just does not have the means to support me for another year. Where are the best places to find bursaries internationally? What are other funding options available? Any other tips or resources for international study would be welcome! Thank you. #servicedesign #postgrad #masters #funding #bursaries #studyabroad #international #fundingopportunities #experiencedesign

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Andrea’s Answer

Hello Kristi - Congratulations on completing your degree. What a wonderful accomplishment, so I hope you are proud of your achievement.

One of my girlfriends was able to get some assistance through the site below. This is a great place to start http://www.postgraduatefunding.com/

Best of luck to you on your educational future ahead.