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Would it be good to study web design in London?

Asked Fayetteville, Pennsylvania

I want to be a web and graphic designer. I’m an American student. Is it a good idea? Or is programming overseas difficult. Also is it difficult for an American student to study in London?#webdesign #london #graphicdesign #international #studyabroad #webdesigner #britain #graphic-design #interior-design #webdevolopment #graphic-design #design #computer-software

4 answers

Eli’s Answer


Many colleges and campuses have a Study Abroad program. If you're in college and eligible for financial aid then you should definitely explore the option. Living abroad for a semester or two will change your perspective and ultimately be a lot of fun. I spent a year in Florence sculpting and I did that through the CSU program (CA) while attending SFSU. I went at the age of 24 and was eligible for 8k in grants and another 8 in loans.

Cuong’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Technically, you can learn front-end web design anywhere you are, and it doesn't have to be from a professor. But if you want to learn under professor and want to broaden your horizons, studying aboard can help your state-of-mind which could drive and motivate you to learn the subject more. I believe that is why most students try studying aboard, you expand your culture by learning other cultures and how their visual designs differs from the U.S.

In whatever decision you make, to pursuing your major outside of you comfort zone or staying to build a continuing life. You can learn design as long as you can stay focus on it.

Bonnie’s Answer

Updated San Diego, California

Try Udacity; they have Nanodegree programs that will allow you to work online from anywhere. There were people from all over the world in my cohort group.

Roger’s Answer


An international study opportunity is always going to be an asset to your life experience. It will also expose you to a different industry that focuses on different schools of thought. Having it on your resume will always be a good thing, but at the end of the day, your portfolio of work that you have created is going to be the one and only true piece of evidence of your prowess and the caliber and quality of the work you can deliver.