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Jack’s Avatar
Jack May 15, 2020 969 views

Is it wise to apply for a local university as well as Universities abroad?

Living in BC, thinking of applying to some Ontario Universities, But was curious about whether I should apply for local Universities such as UBC. #university #study-abroad

jeami’s Avatar
jeami Aug 23, 2018 784 views

Should one take advantage of Study Abroad programs?

Many claim it's a nice experience to have, however ​is it worth the expenses and traveling a far distance for a long period of time? #StudyAbroad

Donnell’s Avatar
Donnell Sep 29, 2020 1035 views

As I get older what are things I can do now to set myself up for the adult life.

I am a 16 year old male that just want to live a good and humble life. #life #career

Raquel’s Avatar
Raquel Sep 19, 2019 765 views

How do deal with living in a dorm

Theres a 25% chance ill have to study out of town, how do i get a dorm #college #studying-tips #college-bound #help

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 724 views

How do you organize your time?

#time-management #studying-tips

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 21, 2020 1094 views

Do you recommend studying abroad?

#study-abroad #career #traveling #international #medicine #career-path

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Jan 16, 2018 691 views

What are some good study habits to adopt?

As a freshman in college I feel like my study habits are lacking. I feel as if I could be doing more or doing it better. What techniques can I use to better educate myself? #studying #college #freshman

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Aug 31, 2017 949 views

Any suggestions for staying on task?

I love my major and my classes but I often have a hard time getting work done
#college #studying-tips #studies

Kryston’s Avatar
Kryston Aug 24, 2020 2061 views

Which subjects do you think are we going to be useful for your future ?

#social-work # history #computer-software #math #mathematics #technology

Smythsam’s Avatar
Smythsam Oct 16, 2020 570 views

What are some ways you can accomplish your goal easily?

I also like to play #VideoGames when I'm happy.

Sahirah-Mone’s Avatar
Sahirah-Mone Oct 16, 2020 1782 views

Would you rather online or in person school

I would rather online school #online school

Akira’s Avatar
Akira Sep 06, 2018 1056 views

Would it be good to study web design in London?

I want to be a web and graphic designer. I’m an American student. Is it a good idea? Or is programming overseas difficult. Also is it difficult for an American student to study in London?#webdesign #london #graphicdesign #international #studyabroad #webdesigner #britain #graphic-design...