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North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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I'm interested in applying within the Bachelor of Arts, So with the programs of interest of Sociology, Undeclared Arts and Potentially Sports Psychology

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Jack Jun 09, 2020 656 views

Need of math within Arts & Humanities

I'm going into the Arts & Humanities and was wondering to what extent would I be using IB math within the course areas of a Bachelor of Arts. #math #math #c #art

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Jack May 15, 2020 619 views

Does taking IB have an impact on the application for University?

So I'm in high school and am completing the IB diploma, but I was wondering whether it has an impact on university decisions on applications. #university #IB

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Jack May 15, 2020 994 views

Is it wise to apply for a local university as well as Universities abroad?

Living in BC, thinking of applying to some Ontario Universities, But was curious about whether I should apply for local Universities such as UBC. #university #study-abroad

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Jack May 15, 2020 528 views

What are the benefits of starting University within the Undeclared Arts, as compared to starting in one area of the arts, Does give the same experience?

Thinking of going into the arts and social sciences, but I am unsure of a single area as compared to the undeclared arts. #undeclared arts