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What is the best way to take out student loans without going in debt ?

how do I avoid going in to debt when taking out loans ? #loans

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2 answers

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Bryon’s Answer

Many companies offer great tuition reimbursement for students who work with them such as ATT.  If you can find an entry level job that offers that more of your income will go to living expenses and you will be able to pay off any loans with your reimbursement.  Additionally you can research grants that you would be eligible for.  Every tuition dollar that gets reimbursed or covered for you goes a long way to reducing the amount of debt you graduate with.

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Kana’s Answer

I did the following:

1) work study - government sponsored initiative where participating organisations hire you while getting some financial support from gov't (win-win for the both employee and employer)
2) Government loans
3) School loans