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How can you find a job that you really like that pays a lot?

Asked Austin, Texas

How can you make a lot of money doing what you love? #career #jobs #careers #happiness

2 answers

Paul A’s Answer

Updated Yorba Linda, California

I didn't like school. My first two years out of college I had six different jobs. Through that experience and my next job which I excelled at was in sales and sales mgmt. I was promoted rapidly to be the corporate Director of Training. In that position I met consultants who were in Leadership , Supervisory Training and Sales Training. I loved the being up front and leading and facilitating. Along the way I realized that I was a lousy employee and wanted to do "my own thing". My journey was very bumpy with tremendous highs,extreme lows and long periods of blissful contentment once I realized that. I was more entrepreneurial. One of the fastest ways to get attention as well as make an unlimited income is in sales. Ins, real estate, financial planning, estate planning or find a service or product that you believe in. First read and explore you tube for video's by Jack Daly, Tom Hopkins, Ben Gay III, Kyle Cease just to mention a few, watch and read about leadership , rich dad poor dad. It's a journey not a destination. Acquire some skill-sets. Screw things up. Do it "wrong" yet have fun doing it! The best!

Thank you, Paul!

Erica’s Answer

Updated Nottingham, Maryland

Hi, You can Google "Top paid professions". When the list comes up, determine which careers you may have some interest in learning more about. Find out what training/education you need to get into these career fields and start preparing early. Do not assume that it will take 10 years in school (unless you want to be an medical doctor, in which case it will). There are a number of options that pay well that only require 2 years degrees and in some trades, a year of training. Good luck!