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Who’s life will I change ?

Updated Woodbridge, Virginia

I am asking this because one day I can change someone’s life in a positive or negative way. No one can tell what I will do in the future. But I also would want to ask this question so I can change my wrongs into rights. My life goal is to change and impact someone’s life in a positive way so everyone can thrive and be happy. #happiness #counseling #school-counseling #mentoring

3 answers

Sarah’s Answer

Updated Baltimore, Maryland


The answer to that is... many, many people. You're outlook sounds so positive as others have already said and you've already set your mind on making positive impacts on people's lives. I am in the Counseling field, and I have my Masters in School Counseling and I will tell you, in the beginning of certain things, you may not always feel nor see the impact you've made. Always remember, if you go into it with good intentions, with a good heart, and knowing your doing everything for the betterment of another person... you've done your job. Never take the pressures of servicing others and put it all on your own shoulders, we're in this together. You'll be an awesome counselor one day soon.

Natasha’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
It could be someone in your class wherein you help them learn a lesson/subject/topic. It could be within your neighborhood or even a charity. I think its important to 1st of all always see the good in people and the world. Positive words leads to positive behavior. Its encouraging people and always having a smile. I personally would rather be a voice of encouragement. Follow people who drive change and get involved in something that makes you feel :-)

Karen’s Answer

Updated Saint Paul, Minnesota

Start by changing someone's life today.  Below are some ideas for you that have worked for me. Remember that you rarely will see the results of your good actions, so you have to believe that what you do is definitely changing a life.  By doing a lot of little things you increase your chances and perhaps your impact on the lives of others.  Your attitude alone will make a difference to others because that will shine through all you do.

Karen recommends the following next steps:

  • Jot down the words "you are appreciated" on a slip of paper and drop it off on a park bench, on the cart of someone who picks up trash at the mall or leave it out for a family member to find.
  • Ask your local doctor or dentist office if they will save some of their old magazines for you. Then take them to a homeless shelter so that people without a home can learn and enjoy reading.
  • Drop off a couple of pennies at a fountain where kids can come and make a wish and watch the smiles as they believe their dreams will come true.