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Justin S.’s Avatar
Justin S. Oct 26, 2015 1097 views

What does a good job mean if your not getting enough money?

I'm a middle school student and I want a job but can't find one that's right for me. What's a job if you work your butt off and not get enough money? if you could answer my questions that would be great thank...

Jennica V.’s Avatar
Jennica V. Oct 29, 2015 706 views

What is good thing to practice before becoming a counselor?

I am thinking about becoming a counselor one day. As I am too young now, how can I practice and perfect learning the job. What are good tips that I can learn so that one day I can be very good....


keerthana B.’s Avatar
keerthana B. Apr 26, 2016 967 views

What are the qualification noted in the Campus interview in India?

Hi What are the basic Qualification required which meets in the Campus selection.How to Improve those skills teaching professor educator counseling...


famina F.’s Avatar
famina F. May 02, 2016 822 views
Sierra L.’s Avatar
Sierra L. May 18, 2016 411 views

How often should I talk to people from colleges if I'm a high schooler?

I am confused about how often to contact someone from...

Julie Y.’s Avatar
Julie Y. May 18, 2016 538 views

Is going to college more of a pressure form society than an actual want to further ones education?

Do you feel that you are going to college simply because it was what you were told to do after high school? Do you feel like you truly want to get a good equation to pursue a certain career or are you just doing what your parents told you to do? Would a small break between high school and...

high-school college niche life-transitions

Adamar L.’s Avatar
Adamar L. Oct 29, 2016 1043 views

Is it okay to feel scare to start working?

Im new to all of this "independence"...


Harnek S.’s Avatar
Harnek S. Jan 22, 2017 702 views

How to get a part time job without references?

I am currently studying international business and want to find a job relating to this field. management...


Christopher N.’s Avatar
Christopher N. Jan 15, 2018 595 views

Who’s life will I change ?

I am asking this because one day I can change someone’s life in a positive or negative way. No one can tell what I will do in the future. But I also would want to ask this question so I can change my wrongs into rights. My life goal is to change and impact someone’s life in a positive way so...

happiness school-counseling counseling mentoring

Rachel R.’s Avatar
Rachel R. Jan 16, 2018 390 views
Benjamin K.’s Avatar
Benjamin K. Jan 24, 2018 357 views

what is the best way to ensure i get a job?

i want to be a macro economist or micro economist, however i do not want to be a college kid who cannot land a job. What will help ensure i get a job out of college? macro-economics...


Maeve K.’s Avatar
Maeve K. Jan 24, 2018 257 views

How do I become politically active?

I am deeply concerned with the rising cost of secondary education in the United States. I would like to become politically active and make my voice heard, but I don't know where or how to began. Do you have any suggestions? becomingpoliticallyactive...


Julia B.’s Avatar
Julia B. Jan 25, 2018 304 views

How do I get over the fear of having to meet new people in college?

I am very committed to the close friends that I currently have, and I’m really scared about having to start all over with that. I don’t know how to start conversations with new people or how to make sure I don’t just lock myself away and not talk to anyone... tips?...