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How do I find my passion?

I plan on majoring in Computer Science next fall. I find this subject interesting and like learning about all subjects in school (math, English, science, etc), but I am not sure what I am passionate about any of these things.

Some people want to change the world through politics or help those in need and are guided by their love for these things in their career. I enjoy subjects, but my interest is only due to curiosity and not love or motivation.

I am also a musician, and I find when I write songs I can't think of any lyrics. I can write tunes, but there are no feelings to guide the songwriting process.

Any thoughts?

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Identifying what you like is the 1st step.

The rest will come as you discuss and look at ways to learn more on the subject. Its also important that you are able to get different views and be able to also hear a point of view that is different from you. Passion is also a emotion you bring to the subject/topic. So the short answer is Listening is the 2nd step.

the 3rd step which is the continuous process is as you become an expert you will gain confidence and that also brings about passion as you will talk with conviction.

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