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How to get a part time job without references?

I am currently studying international business and want to find a job relating to this field. #management #customer-service

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The best way to find this type of job is through networking. Talk to friends in your classes and find out if they know anyone or have parents that could connect you with people for a job. If you are a part of clubs at school the professors may also have insight as well as leads for networking. You might also want to look at job boards for internships. An internship is the way to get your foot in the door and then impress them enough to hire you! Go to multiple websites like the UN and see if there are internships or job postings that might fit your experience/education. I wish you the best of luck in your career! Always remember that networking is the key to getting future jobs so never burn bridges and always stay in touch with people. You never know when you will be looking for a new job down the road. Best of luck, stay positive and enjoy the ride! Christy

Last updated Jan 23 '17 at 16:51

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you can get a reference from a teacher as they are a good judge of what you are capable of. You can also reach out to your community leaders or ever neighbours who are professionals.
Last updated Oct 04 '17 at 09:21

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