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Career Questions tagged Hindi

Dey'ja’s Avatar
Dey'ja May 19, 2021 262 views

What is college all about ?

#employee #everyone #hindi

k’s Avatar
k May 30, 2016 1083 views

how could i improve my writting skills in hindi

unable to write hindi #hindi #personal-development #writing

m’s Avatar
m May 20, 2016 1204 views

How would i improve my hindi language ?

Because i have intrested in hindi . #hindi

k’s Avatar
k May 16, 2016 732 views

How can I understand hindi more?

I am unable to understand and unable to write hindi. #foreign-languages #hindi

k’s Avatar
k May 16, 2016 513 views

how can i understand hindi subject more easy?

i can't able to write or understand hindi better #hindi

famina’s Avatar
famina May 02, 2016 920 views

I'm interested in Hindi but i want to become a scientist?

after complete my school #scientist #science #hindi

Poomitha’s Avatar
Poomitha Apr 28, 2016 672 views

How to speak in Hindi ?

Hai i am poomitha i want to speak in Hindi but i do know how to speak in Hindi language? #professor #student #hindi