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What is college all about ?

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2 answers

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Frank’s Answer

College is the next step from high school. Colleges are specifically for different trades - commercial - business activities etc. Depends on what it is you want to study and which job that interest you. Check out the best jobs for your personality type using the Myers-Briggs scale!

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Dana’s Answer

Hi there! I've recently graduated my Bachelor's Degree and I am currently studying for my Master's Degree.

College helps you dive deep into the subjects you liked most and you wish to learn.

In college, you pick a major, meaning a vast subject that you want to specialise on. Examples of majors are: Engineering, Psychology, English, Journalism, Medicine and so on. Your major will also help you start your career because it will help you focus on learning things in that domain. You can learn about what a major is about on Google, since multiple universities describe them on their websites.

College also brings new opportunities around you. There are clubs and extra-curricular activities you can join and get involved in. This experience helps you in multiple ways: it helps you find a job more easily and it helps you develop all sorts of skills.

To sum up, college is a new learning experience which helps you develop on many levels. Last but not least, you get to make new friends and meet new teachers and people who inspire you!

I hope I helped with my answer, please tell me if you have any extra questions in the comments! :) Good luck! ❤️