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Kelvin Apr 10, 2022 2469 views

What are the pros and cons of working at home?

Remote work has become common among the former office workers, so what has your experience been like?

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Jiarong Mar 31, 2022 651 views

What is a life of a machine learning engingeer is like?

I have an interest to work as a software enginner and focus on areas like artificial intellgence and machine learning. However, I am wodering what specific tasks would an engineer do.

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Apr 05, 2022 448 views

What should I focus on in the summer?

As someone who is heading to college this fall and studying Computer Science, what are some things I should do during the summer?

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Jiale Apr 04, 2022 474 views

How to be good in computer engineering?

Galileo student, ap computer science principle.

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Jenny Apr 04, 2022 641 views

What is the best way of gaining experience in the field of computer science?

I am currently in a computer science class, and I want to know how I could dive in deeper into computer science, as well as how I could gain more experience doing computer science.

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Apr 04, 2022 496 views

What is the best way of finding entry level internships?

I'm wondering about how people usually go onto finding internships.

David’s Avatar
David Apr 05, 2022 480 views

What is the hardest thing about computer science and who can I do to overcome those things?

What is the most challenging thing about computer science and what should I do to overcome those things.

Jillian’s Avatar
Jillian Sep 01, 2017 837 views

What branch of psychology would be the best route for me to take if I want to be successful fast out of college?

I have decided that psychology is something I want to further my knowledge in and major in college. Yet, I have recently found out that there are many branches of psychology I can go into. I really enjoy developmental/child psychology and criminal psychology. So, which do you think would be the...

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mohan Aug 16, 2021 538 views

how to attend interview


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Anna Aug 12, 2021 732 views

Entrance Exam Studying Tips

I am currently doing my high school and wanted to prepare for my college entrance exam. I wanted to become a doctor. My problem is that I am really lazy to study but I wish to study. Most of the days I am really unproductive. But I wanted to study well and make my parents proud and get into my...

disha’s Avatar
disha Aug 10, 2021 482 views

i am great at sketching ,i like dancing , i know python computer language , i love watching movies ........ which career can suit me

#college #career #computer-science

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Thuliswa Aug 10, 2021 490 views

How to get internship

Hardworking, like to work with people able to work under pressure, like engaging with new things #internship

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Alejandro Aug 11, 2021 400 views

What are the most affordable data science courses in Canada?


Javion’s Avatar
Javion Aug 04, 2021 724 views

What does it takes to become the best computer programmer ever?

#technology #programming #computer #computer-science #computer-hardware

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Kamari Jul 30, 2021 786 views

I want to learn more about being an engineer

#engineering #engineer #software #math #software-engineering