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How would i improve my hindi language ?

Because i have intrested in hindi . hindi

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3 answers

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Alifia’s Answer

  1. Learn and become aware: After learning the various rules of Hindi, you must become aware of the errors that you make in your speech. Keep an organized list of your corrections that have come from being monitored by other speakers, preferably native Hindi speakers. Once you become aware of the errors you make, you are then ready to correct them. Obviously, if you are oblivious to your errors, you can’t fix them!

  2. Repetitive Review: Consistently review your monitoring list of errors. You should start to notice a pattern and then be constantly aware of that pattern of what you need to correct.

  3. Repetitive Practice: Now that you are aware of your errors, you need to routinely practice the corrected pronunciation (or correct syntax, vocabulary use, etc.). Practice again and again. With practice, you can develop the imperative habit of self-correction.

  4. Write down your questions: There are plenty of times when all of us wonder how to express something in another language, but then do nothing with those questions! When you are unsure of how to say or ask something in Hindi, write it down so that you can ask a native speaker or Google it.

  5. Talk to yourself out loud at home: Talking to yourself out loud will help you in the process of thinking in Hindi instead of translating to Hindi from your native language. Get in the habit of speaking freely without the worry of being heard or criticized. You can also read Hindi books, newspapers, etc., out loud.

  6. Train your Ears: Listen to a lot of English in the form of podcasts, television shows, movies and radio.

Hi there Alifia! Could you please include a source on this info? Either a link to the website you got this from or a brief explanation of how you learned this information. Citing a source will help this student and others reading your answer investigate further into learning how to improve their handle of Hindi. Please edit your post and provide the source of your valuable info! On behalf of the young people benefiting from your answer and the entire CareerVillage community thank you for all of your help! -David Ohta David Ohta COACH
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Prem’s Answer

As you could read Hindi, buy some Hindi books with English/Malayalam Translation and start reading it LOUDER. It's a must to read Louder for correct pronunciation for any language.

Learn basic vocabulary in Hindi. Without vocabulary, speaking a language is difficult. We should know to use the exact word at exact place.

Find a Hindi Speaking friend Preferably a north Indian who speaks Hindi. You can easily find one on colleges or near residential hotels.

Don't be shy over your friends while talking in Hindi. Even though they laugh on your language, you have an opportunity to correct it through them.

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Neha’s Answer

Both the answers have enough information. I would like to add a point though. If you ever come across any word that you don't know lookup for its meaning and usage. Google can be helpful or you could get a dictionary for yourself. Try to use Hindi in your verbal communication day in and out.

I know a person who was not good in English.He however wanted to learn it and made it a point to converse with his friends in English (whatever broken he could use) , read books and stuff. Today he is so good that you will never know he never went to English medium school. He learned it with focus and sheer hard word. Same thing applies to Hindi as well.

All the best and Happy learning !