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Christopher N. Jan 15, 2018 474 views

Who’s life will I change ?

I am asking this because one day I can change someone’s life in a positive or negative way. No one can tell what I will do in the future. But I also would want to ask this question so I can change my wrongs into rights. My life goal is to change and impact someone’s life in a positive way so...

#happiness #school-counseling #counseling #mentoring

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Connor N. Jan 17, 2018 290 views

How should I incorporate relaxing into my life?

At least from my experience, most people can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially as one gets towards the end of high school, the list of things to do begins to pile up and sometimes I’m not really sure what to do when I actually have time to relax and...

#relaxation #life-balance #time

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Marie E. Jul 22, 2020 268 views

How can we be there for family durning Covid-19?

alot of signs and people are saying we are in this together but hospitals are not allowing visitors and we might have family there #hope...


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Joseph L. Nov 05, 2020 249 views

What main skills would I need to be an engineer?

I'm Joseph and I'm good at math. And I'm gonna be an engineer but I'm wondering if there is other skills I would need to be an engineer. #tech...


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Jasmine A. Nov 13, 2020 84 views

What do you have to do to prepare yourself for your future career?

I can be a loving person at times where I really care and help others. I don't rush time/life....