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What are some questions you can ask a family practitioner?

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Melissa’s Answer

If you're referencing what questions to ask your doctor, you should be able to ask anything pertinent to the medical field (including stress and mental health). If you don't feel comfortable asking certain questions, practice asking them or write them down prior. In the case it's because you're uncomfortable with your doctor, try finding another who you're more comfortable around.

If you're trying to create questions for an interview, it depends on your goals.

The suggestion to write it down prior to the visit is great advice. Good doctors are good listeners so it's critical they hear what the patient's needs are. This leads to better diagnosis and treatment. David Flemate

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Sandeep’s Answer

Hello Jessica,
Family practitioner is kind of family friend than a doctor in my view. Family practitioner is very handy to approach to seek any advice for any minor to major ailments. He would be the first point of contact as he has the records and history of all medical ailments of you and your family, he would be the best to suggest the medicine for the ailment and also suggest the specialist doctor if there is any further treatment required.

Hope it helps.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Jessica,

A family practitioner is the one of the best ways to get medical advice, especially next steps. Although they might not specialize in a certain area, they will be able to refer you to a specialist. In an example where one doesn't feel well, there could be dozens of explanations why. Going to a family practitioner can help diagnose the reason and determine if there is an underlying condition or if it's as simple as the common cold.