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When a person walks into an interview are they automatically judged or not?

Updated Camden, New York

because i am wondering if you judge or not a soon as you meet them #heavyequipment #career #interviews

3 answers

Lashay’s Answer


Hi Jase: Great question. Judged yes, discounted no. There are verbal and nonverbal cues that are being reviewed for a good fit with a team, office, and organization. You can enter nervous and be nervous all the way through. Nerves are seen as being really eager for the job and that's good as long as they don't interfere with your understanding the questions and answering them clearly and completely. The best way to prepare for an interview to gain confidence and not be concerned about the the entrance is to practice. You can also visualize entering the building, going into the office door, and then entering the interview room and seeing the faces of the interviewers. Imagine sitting down at the table and making small talk about the traffic and weather. Then, prepare to listen to the introductions of each interviewer (consider writing their names and titles for thank you notes but keep eye contact too). Then, listen to first question answering honestly and clearly. Gague the length of each answer, not too long and not too short. Is the S.E.A.L. (situation, experience, action you took, what you learned and outcome). Ask two quick questions to show your interest. Never about benefits or pay.

I hope this helps. Best of luck with your interviews!

Hannah’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

The question if I understood correctly is when I have someone that I am interviewing, do I judge them upon first impression. The answer is absolutely yes. This is why, what you wear, and how you carry yourself is tremendously important. Along with the firm handshake, smile, and look the interviewer in the eyes. They really are important.

Dressed appropriately seems like such a common sense. But not so. I have interviewed folks walked in with wrinkled shirts, unprofessional attire or not clean shaven. It does impact tremendously my impression of them. They would have to have a very amazing interview to may be win me over again. Even though, I will question if someone cannot get this common sense correct, how good can they really be at their work.

Therefore, I will suggest always err on the safe side and better be over dressed than to be under dressed. But if you are not sure, you can always reach out to the hiring HR personnel and they typically can provide you with suggestions. Too over dressed is not good either but still better than be too under dressed.

I hope this info is helpful.


Jack’s Answer


Again, YES. My advise from someone who has interviewed hundreds of people is simple:

  1. Be early
  2. Overdress, look professional
  3. Make eye contact, firm handshake
  4. Be prepared. Do your homework on the company as well as the interviewer. Have a set of questions you want answered written down in advance, and take notes. Be ready to discuss specific career accomplishments.
  5. Be direct, ask them if they would hire you before you leave.
  6. Ask for feedback. People want to help. Ask them if there were any gaps or ask them to give you constructive advice.
  7. Follow up that day by email at a minimum.