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what should i know about tower crane operating before i get the job?

like anything from some basic or something you do daily or to something that happens rarely that you need to know in case it happens

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1 answer

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Mikael’s Answer

I happened to work on a project where a "Tower Crane" was used and I was surprised on how young the operator was.
What I can tell you is that it probably takes a special person to do this job. Firstly, I would think you couldn't have a fear of heights, and secondly probably a unique ability to without benefit of being up-close and personal to the work.
The other thing that most people don't know is that once you climb the tower, which in-of-itself took 30-minutes, you're up there all day.
So you bring you lunch and whatever else you need to accomodate your bodily functions.
I often felt a bit sorry for this guy b/c he never really interacts with his co-workers. He meets with the major team leads to map out his day, and understand what was expected of him, but all day he was alone up in his cab.
I will say I believe this is a very high paying job and one that could be done globablly. I mean operating a Tower Crane in Dubai is not any different than Seoul, Korea.

Mikael recommends the following next steps:

I would contact the local Heavy Machinery Union and I'm sure they can map out a path on how to becom an operator.
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Mikael! caden