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I've decided that I wanted to have a career in culinary arts, but where are good schools that have negotiable student fees?

Updated El Sobrante, California

I want to go to culinary school, but I don't know any culinary schools near my hometown of El Sobrante, CA that really cater/that my family can work around concerning fees, are there any schools like so?

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2 answers

Karla’s Answer

Updated Modesto, California

Hi! I'm so happy to hear you found a passion that you are so eagered to learn! I went to culinary school after high school but I wouldn't recommend it for quite a bit of reasons. To start, culinary school is REALLY expensive. I paid the same amount and currently am in the same amount of debt as a student who graduated from a four year university. It was a good experince, but that was really all it was. I wouldn't say it was a learning or enlightening experience. You would be better off applying to restaurants as a dish washer and moving your way up from there. That may turn you off but this will provide you with the raw experience you will need to work as a line cook and adapt to the pace that the staff in most restaurants are working to. You will probably also learn a lot from the local chef, and that knowledge will rival any information that you could learn from most culinary schools, especially since what most schools teach is basics and entry level skills that you will need in the kitchen. The only information that you will have to learn and need a certificate for proof is for food safety such as a ServSafe handlers card.

Graduating from culinary school doesn't guarantee that you will earn a higher wage either. Even if you receive a degree from it, at most restuarants you will start off with minimum wage pay (which would be the same as a dishwasher). My best tip would be to shoot for a restaurant that serves the type of food and experience you want to learn most about.

But if you are really set on attending culinary school I would recommend finding a program in a community college. It would way cheaper and you could begin to network in a comfortable and familiar setting.

Best of luck!

Caitlin’s Answer


I personally spent a lot of money for culinary school, Keiser University class of '14. I would stress finding grants and scholarships. Find jobs that have tuition reimbursement or assistence. Enter recipe contests for an opportunity for recognition and helps with college costs.

Caitlin recommends the following next steps:

  • Look for LOCAL scholarships and grants.