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How do you make connections for jobs?

How do I make the connections needed to find high-paying jobs? I am planning on graduating with a degree in International Business, and I am aware that you need connections with other people in the business to receive these kinds of jobs. #jobs #connections #networking #professional-development #communication

There are usually major related organizations such as clubs or fraternities/sororities that will put a lot of emphasis on making connections. Business major related orgs are all about networking so if you can find one around campus then you should be good. Other than that, check if your school offers job fairs so you can get interview practice and internships early on! Anntaylor N.

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5 answers

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LeAnn’s Answer

Are there any companies you’d like to work? If so, start following them on social media. Most important ones are LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Facebook. You can also follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Starting off, learn all about the company - what they do, locations, who are their customers, and how can you help them? Also begin liking, commenting, and sharing their posts.  

Then send a message to company page -I’ve enjoyed following your company on LinkedIn. It's helped me to understand what x company does, and its importance in the x industry. Let them know you recently applied for x role. If there is anything I can do to prepare myself better, so I can earn a job with you someday, please let me know. (You will already have the attention of the person posting on social media by your engagement – they love you already.) Although the social media person isn’t in a position to hire, my guess is they would eagerly pass your information to the right person.


Also, look on LinkedIn to see if you have any 1st or 2nd connections with anyone at the company. If you do, message them – note to 2nd connection - I'm interested in working for XYZ company and noticed you are connected to X who works there. Would you be willing to introduce me to X? I would love to ask X what it takes to stand out in the company and better prepare myself. Note to 1st connection- I'm interested in working for XYZ company. I would love to have coffee with you to catch up and to learn more about what it takes to stand out in the company and better prepare myself.


You can also connect with either someone in HR or hiring manager. In your connection request, you can say "I came across your profile while researching your company. I would love to connect with you. Next, tell them something you admire about the company. Once connected, send a message how you understand what company does is important and how you fit into the company. Let them know you recently applied for x role. If there is anything I can do to prepare myself better to earn a job with you someday, please let me know. Also, tell them why you are the right person to join that team and how you can alleviate the pain points. By doing this, you will not only ensure your resume reaches the hiring manager, but it will also make you stand out.


Notice, in all these messages you are not asking for a referral or interview. You are only complimenting and asking the best way to stand out.

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Kushaan’s Answer

I would start attending as many in-person events as possible - whatever city you live in, check out Meetup.Com, Eventbrite, Facebook, and research more niche organizations to find panel events and mixers you can attend. Just chat with people, learn what they're doing, and let them know what your goal is. Immediately after the event, see if you can connect with them on a network like Linkedin. The trick is that a majority of these conversations and connections will not lead to any specific jobs so you don't want to go into the mindset that a relationship is contingent on a job - once you build enough of them however, you'll be in a position where you can provide value to their network (Hey, I met someone the other week who is doing something similar!) and then they can provide to yours. When I first moved to DC, a majority of the people I met were either from college, work, or some of these miscellaneous events.

While cold emailing and blind Linkedin messaging can also help you make connections, you'll have a way more slim acceptance rate. That in-person connection will be valuable to your job search and your subsequent career. Good luck!

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Lucas’s Answer

There’s no easy way to make connections to jump straight into a high paying job. Rather, the key is to get into a company or role that you like and then work your way up. Once you’re in the door, the only limit to the connections you can make is the limit you put on yourself. Try and internship and just get in the workforce. Once there, you’ll find it easy to expand your network. And remember- connections are helpful, but nothing beats hard work. Hope this helps!

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Simeon’s Answer

Essentially, you'll want to build connections with people that are within reach. So, think less about trying to network directly with managers, and more with fellow students, professors, and recruiters as well as in clubs and organizations. Essentially, you're playing the long game. When people start to get hired into companies, you'll have a connection to them and they can be used as a resource to get into companies.

Also, I would advise on networking with people that you share chemistry with. It's no use trying to make connections with people who won't remember you. You won't feel comfortable asking them for favors and they won't be as likely to think of you when a job opening comes up. In fact, just socializing in general is a solid way to build your professional network long-term.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Abby,

The best way to get connections is to talk to people in your classes, clubs, etc. Once you start talking to someone, you would be surprised what you will learn.